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If you live here in Sherman Oaks, California you are used to the good life. We have the best of everything here and that includes the best Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning service too! Just call Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros for fine quality cleaning and restoration services that everyone in town needs at some point. Our licensed, bonded and insured company offers the area’s finest array of professional surface cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial use. Our friendly and highly skilled technicians can clean your carpets, remove standing water, eliminate dust mites, clean your car upholstery, remove pollen and contaminants in your air, freshen your mattress, re-grout your tile and lots more. It’s all very simple (and not the least expensive). Just call Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros and get some free estimates or set an appointment. We also offer fast responding, 24-hour emergency service so we’ve really got all your needs covered.

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Q: Can one cleaning and restoration company really offer all that?

A: Yes! Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros is literally your one stop shop for cleaner and healthier indoor air and surfaces. We proudly offer:

  • Fine quality Sherman Oaks Carpet cleaning – it’s true. Your home, business and auto carpets can be their cleanest since new. See and smell the difference with just one session of carpet cleaning. Sherman Oaks has many shops that offer this service but ours gives you the results you want!
  • Spring fresh Sherman Oaks upholstery cleaning – your fabric covered surfaces can get deep down clean like never before. From your car’s interiors to your patio furniture, we offer the best deals in local upholstery cleaning. Sherman Oaks technicians from our company use the best methods and eco-friendly cleaners to achieve remarkable results!
  • Professional Sherman Oaks air duct cleaning – enjoy clean and healthful indoor air again at your home or business with our thorough and cost effective air duct cleaning. Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros gets your air ducts free from grime and pollutants with just one session.
  • Comprehensive Sherman Oaks water damage and fire damage restoration – our technicians offer exceptional quality restoration services when you discover that your property has been ravaged by either fire, or water damage. Sherman Oaks restoration professionals from our shop work fast and sure to bring your property back to normal.
  • Sparkling Sherman Oaks tile cleaning – the best in town! Our tile and grout experts can do wonders for your damaged or dirty tile. Few jobs are as dreaded as this one yet our professionals make it easy and affordable to get the best grout and tile cleaning. Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros can do wonders for your tiled floors and surfaces so call us and try us out!

Call Now: (818) 643-5723

When you work with Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros you get much more than just cleaning and restoration services, you also get:

  • 24-hour emergency service with fast response times
  • Very affordable pricing on all that we offer
  • Licensed, bonded and insured company and technicians
  • Same day, weekend and evening time slots
  • Eco-friendly, gentle cleansers and cleaning techniques
  • State of the art cleaning equipment
  • Residential, commercial and industrial services
  • Free estimates, great prices, and free consultations
  • Cleansers are safe for pets and children alike

When you want a deep down clean that doesn’t cost a bundle, call for Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros and get access to:

  • Odor and stain removal
  • Dust mite elimination
  • Pet stains and smells eliminated
  • Water removal
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Grout re-sealing
  • Air duct cleaning and inspections
  • Upholstery cleaning for auto, home and business

Don’t put it off! Healthful and fresh surfaces and air are yours for the asking and the only place in town that offers all this is right here at Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros.

Call Now: (818) 643-5723