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Sherman Oaks Tile And Grout Cleaning

Do you have home or business tile and grout that are hard to clean or lacking luster? Are you sick of trying to make your tiled surfaces look and smell presentable again? For the best local grout service and tile cleaning, Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros should be called. Our in-house team of tile professionals can breathe new life into your floors, counters and other tiled surfaces and take all the aggravation out of having to deal with them yourself. Once we’ve cleaned your tile and grout, our Sherman Oaks tile cleaning experts can even show you easy ways to maintain that clean for longer periods so that you spend less money and time on professional cleanings.

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Q: Why is cleaning my tile and grout so difficult? What am I doing wrong?

A: When tile and grout are first installed, the tile is glazed and the grout should be sealed. In this state it is easy to clean. It is when the sealant wears off (or was never put on) that cleaning becomes a chore. Grout is very porous and absorbs what it touches. Tiled counter tops and floors can be exposed to dirt, mud, blood, urine, food particles, coffee, grease, soap scum, detergents and many other things. Ironically, the harder you scrub and the more detergent you use, the blacker and more soiled your grout lines become!

Q: What can your Sherman Oaks tile cleaning crew do that I can’t do?

A: Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros tackles your dirty tile and grout with specialized cleaning techniques, eco-friendly cleansers, state of the art tile cleaning equipment and good old elbow grease. The result is a germ free, beautiful tiled surface that is clean and great to look at and touch. We then reseal your grout and show you easy ways to keep it clean and maintained.

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Q: I have grout on my kitchen counters but it’s old and starting to come out. How can your Sherman Oaks tile cleaning experts clean it in this condition?

A: Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros is used to all kinds of tile and grout situations. In your case we would most likely remove the damaged grout and re-grout your lines with new material. We can also expertly match your grout color to the original shade.

Over the years we have successfully dealt with just about every tile and grout situation conceivable. We also can clean and service stone tiles and slabs for both residential and commercial use. This includes flooring, walls, tables, counter tops, floor medallions, entry foyers and anything made of jasper, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, slate and even cast stone. Call our Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning Pros office and get more information or some free estimates. We can expertly make your stone and tile surfaces clean, fresh and showroom bright!

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